What to watch on the small box

I am back again but this time with a chat about my current favourite tv shows.

My love of tv shows goes back to the days of Dawson’s Creek, yes I am a child of the 90s. Although, over recent years the West Wing, Alias and my favourite the X-files have been what I had been obsessed with. I have the West Wing box set and rewatching that show is like a revelation. The X-files is a little dated but still unbelievable for the UST.

I feel like tv is now having a renaissance and telling the great stories that movies have in the past. Film is still great story telling but the onset of Netflix etc…has meant that great stories can be told outside traditional formats. Often traditional major networks run tv shows seasons for 22 episodes and we in Australia have to wait a whole year before we see the next season. The show is often spoilt by the time we get it. It is now much better with streaming services and networks realising their international counterparts are getting the raw end of the deal. There is also fatigue we feel as 22 episodes per season is a lot and I feel the writing getting worse sometimes. I won’t name names but there are a few shows that drag and the humour and drama just feels repetitive.

I am currently enjoying these shows by far. I am sure the list will go on as people tell me about shows and I hear the hype.

The Handmaid’s Tale – based on the book this series is very unnerving and quite confronting at its view of a world where women have no rights. The cinematography gives the whole show an eerie feel. The way it has been depicted from the novel is great and it takes lines directly from the book.

Stranger Things – a throwback to all the great 80s sci-fi shows and movies with a stellar cast. Those kids are such incredible actors and the characters are hard not to love. By the way the soundtrack is to die for and infuses electronic with the great 80s classics. This alone is worth watching it for. Season 2 promises to be more exciting as we all find out more about the upside down.

The last show that I am currently loving at the moment is The Crown. This is such an amazing production. The whole thing is just so well done and looks like you have stepped back in time. I am looking forward to the second season and finding more about this behind the look view of the monarchy. In the first season John Lithgow’s Winston Churchill is just fantastic and what I would imagine him to be like given my limited knowledge in this historical figure.

If you have any other tv shows you think I should watch please comment below.

xoxo – the expat